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language services

This service is focused on the linguistic aspect of Communication. It aims at improving language skills for your team or providing external support in areas such as specialised translation or copywriting. 

A specialised translation ensures that translated materials make sense in their industry or sector. We have been clients before service providers and we understand how painful and inefficient poorly written or translated content can be. When it comes to professional content (corporate materials, branding, product related, service oriented, etc.) it is not only about the style of the message itself  but about understanding your target audience and the sector/client you are working with, its internal language and specific vocabulary, tone and voice. 

how we can help you

  • Immersing ourselves in your project and/or content.

  • Understanding its message and not only its form, carrying out the necessary research to draft the best strategy.

  • Working with your team directly to teach the language skills related to brand and business management.

  • Providing foreign language courses.

  • Translating all sorts of documents, digital content, meetings, live presentations, talks, pitches, etc.

  • Helping you understand complex documents in languages you do not master.

  • Advising on different types of oral and written communication across different cultures and generations.

  • Helping you become more confident when speaking a foreign language.

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