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process optimisation

Efficient processes are essential in every team and organisation. While some industries will be extremely process driven, other activities will require a larger degree of flexibility and even improvisation to solve unexpected problems. But what is definitely a common denominator is the need to reduce waste in our daily operations, reducing the number of repetitive human tasks, minimising errors and ensuring an optimal output and customer service. 

If you want to avoid following the path of bureaucratic entities, your team needs to optimise processes and make everyone happier, internally and externally.

Lean Six Sigma certified.

some examples

Some areas where you may need to review your current processes

  1. IT platforms, products developed only from a technical perspective without any real field work or user experience.

  2. E-commerce websites with extremely long checkout or registration processes or with product menus which are not intuitive or make the product search function extremely challenging.

  3. Internal validation or approval processes by senior management.

  4. Communication / collaborative platforms that make follow up processes more difficult instead of facilitating them (related to point 1).

  5. Product design and development work flows.

  6. HR and recruitment processes.

  7. Customer service communication.

  8. Learning and training formats.

These are just some examples but each company or team has its own. Please contact us for more information.

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