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We help our clients analyse current models and redefine objectives to drive on a more efficient road to success while boosting performance, quality and reputation. Most importantly, we make sure these actions are not harmful to people and Planet Earth.

We introduce a new, agile approach to Brand Development, Design, Marketing, Production and Distribution, with special focus on implementation and project management to ensure that strategy translates into tangible results.


Making a positive contribution is always at the top of our priority list. Today, consumers demand a new way of designing, producing and distributing the goods they bring into their daily lives. A new consciousness has been growing for the past two decades and has finally become sizeable enough to call for a change in industry practices.


Founder Olga Dolapsakis (LVMH, Loewe, Belber, Halo) leads the initiative with more than 20 years of international, multicultural experience in Fashion & Luxury and a 360° vision of how brands and businesses are born, developed, managed and transformed.




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the labs


Our expertise at your reach before having to embark in a long-term project or make major commitments when you and your team may still be seeking advice or exploring possibilities.


​the labs  work just like appointments with your doctor, lawyer, coach... 


We can discuss, analyse and address the needs of your business in efficient 1-hour sessions (in person or remote) or extend the workshops to 1-day or 1-week (or longer as required by your objectives). Rates for each lab are shown below.

Please contact us for alternative session formats.


1-hour sessions

880 HKD / 90 Eur


1-day workshop

From 4,580 HKD / 490 Eur


1-week (5 days) workshop

Rate based on project needs


We review your



and suggest improvements





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